Semi-Automatic Grommet Machine
Semi-Automatic Grommet Machine-1

Semi-Automatic Grommet Machine

Eyelet Diameter: 10mm

Eyelet Feeding: Automatic

Gross weight: 12KGS

Packing Size: 380x320x540mm

Categories: Manual Tools
Semi-automatic grommet machine (automatic grommet feeding during operation) is a semi-automatic device characterized by simple structure and convenient operation, and is widely used in the binding and riveting of inkjet advertisements, suitcases and bags, leather belts and waist belts, clothing leathers, stationeries and lighting decorations, particularly tents and rain gears.

It is energy saving and environment-friendly since it needs no electricity; it needs only manual operation of the operator. The common manual Grommet Machine requires great efforts and is rather difficult to use with low efficiency. The non-uniform pressure on the pressed grommet easily causes the damage of the picture. Compared with the common manual grommet machine, this semi-automatic grommet machine is characterized by high efficiency and convenience for dragging and can make the pressed grommet not only firm, but also nice looking. It features easy and convenient operation and other merits. (Multiple patents have been applied for this product)

• Semi-automatic style, automatic grommet feeding.
• No need power; it's working by the operator.
• It's moving easily instead of standing on the fixing floor.
• The size of grommet:  OD=16mm, ID=10mm, H=5mm.

• Power saving, no need electricity.

• Smart, light and convenient to carry.
• Simple, it's easy to operate.

• No Power required
• the pressed grommet is firm and nice looking.
• Lightweight, it's easy to be shipped.
• More efficient compared with other manual grommet machines.