S9710 Multifunctional CNC bending machine
S9710 Multifunctional CNC bending machine-1

S9710 Multifunctional CNC bending machine

 Power supply:  AC200V
 Compressed air:0.4—0.8MPa
 Control axis quantity:8 Axises
 Min. Bending radius:Stainless steel(R7mm),Aluminium profile (R20mm)
 Min. distance between interior&exterior angle: Stainless steel(4mm),Aluminium profile(15mm)
 Bending distance from start: Stainless steel(4mm),Aluminium profile(10mm)
 Applied Material Stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminium coil, and aluminium profile
 Material thickness:Stainless steel(0.6-1.0mm),Aluminium(1-2mm)
 Processing height:25-175mm
 Material feeding method:Altermate feeding
 Servo Motor  3PCS
 Step motor  5PCS
Packing Dimension: 1850(L) x 950(W) x 1830mm(H)

Categories: CNC Machine
Operation Video: https://youtu.be/p1PhWQ241r0 
 S9710 Super Multifunctional Automatic bending machine
 S9710 adopt Pre-alignment mechanism, alternate clamping feed mechanism, Screw nut drive linear rotary positioning guide rail, carbide saw Cutaway for aluminum profile slotting mechanism.
 Screw nut drive linear rotary positioning guide rail, stainless steel Gouging slotting mechanism,built-in high-performance eight axis motion control card based on bending software  developed specially for our machine to assure accuracy of processed products.
 S9710 has sophisticated structure and  elegant exteral apprearance, it equipped  long multilayer guide rack. It is your priority choice machine to make  high-end LED channel letter,aluminum profile letter,stainless steel letter,Punching, resin words.





Letters Made by S9710


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