S8900 CNC Bending Machine(20-175mm)
S8900 CNC Bending Machine(20-175mm)-1

S8900 CNC Bending Machine(20-175mm)

  Power supply:AC220V
Compressed air:0.6-0.8Kg/cm2
Number of controlled axis: 4
Bend or not: Yes
The minimum bend RADIUS:5mm
 Min. distance between interior &exterior angle:3mm
Processed material:Stainless steel\ Iron sheet\ Aluminum
Input file format:PLT\DXF
Driving system:Two Servo motors and two Stepping Motors
Processing material height: 20-175mm
Material thickness:0.6-1.2mm for steel, 2.5mm for aluminum
Support Format: Software support: Input with DXF/PLT files, 
N.W: 600KGS
G.W: 700KGS 
Categories: CNC Machine
TPS-S8900 Automatic Channel Letter Bender Machine

S8900 Automatic Channel letter bending machine is based on precise mechanical construction and a unique retractable alternating bending mode, use Prefeeding leveling, clamping alternate feeding, and driving with double lead screw thumbs for slotting. 

Based on years of experience in the development of channel  letter bending equipment, the Auto Bend control system can ensure the letters processing precision, especially fit for making letters with small radian, small angle and complex graphics.

It is highend equipment for making LED signs, Steel letters, channel letters and Epoxy letters.


1.Unique retractable alternating bending mode, dramatically reducing the bending scratches, the maximum extent to avoid interference during the bending process, and increase in bending moment.

2.High precision, the closedloop testing of builtin feeding length to ensure finished products with the original file length deviation <0.1mm, and to ensure consistency of the duplicate file.

 3.High forming rate, and the contact ratio is up to 99 % with cutting panel of all kinds of precision equipments.

 4.Low slotting cost, imported original German of high hardness special stainless steel slotted tool, tool use costs only 0.02 RMB / slot.

 5.High feeding speed, unique alternating clamp synchronous feeding way, the maximum feeding speed can up to 20 m/min, eliminating material roll slippage.

 6.Slotting depth can be precisely controlled, with numerical control shaft control slot depth can meet the demand of different material and thickness of slotting.

 7.Builtin bending spring back compensation, which system research and develop for many years of experience , it can ensure a variety of materials of forming precision.

8.Intelligent bending process, through intelligent interference checking, reduce the interference collision of bending words process. 

 9.Free of update Control Software 

 10.Full service of professional, efficient, thoughtful.


Disk Feeding Mechanism

Front Roll-type leveling mechanism to elminate material jam risk caused by uneven or deformed materials.




Power supply


Rated power


Input compressed air




Number of controlled axis


Bend or not


The minimum bend RADIUS


Inside and outside the minimum angular distance


Start to bend distances


Processed material

Stainless steel\ Iron sheet\ Aluminum

Input file format


Control system software

Special bend for homegrown software

Shipping method

Turn of the clamping feed

Driving system

Two Servo motors and two Stepping Motors

Altitude the processing material


Material thickness

0.6-1.2mm for steel, 2.5mm for aluminum

Support Format

Software support: Input with DXF/PLT files, 


Disk Feeding Mechanism

Front Roll-type leveling mechanism to elminate material jam risk caused by uneven or deformed materials.

Closed-loop control system

TPS series bending word machine sets material tracking encoder data back to the computer via the motion control system, real time monitoring material displacement distance, bending trace stretch, closed-loop control graphical contour length, reaching around the edge of the panel exact match.