S8710 CNC Bending Machine(20-110mm)
S8710 CNC Bending Machine(20-110mm)-1

S8710 CNC Bending Machine(20-110mm)

 Power supply: AC200V
Power: 2.2KW
Compressed air:0.4—0.8MPa
Control axis quantity:4 Axises
Min. Bending radius:R7mm
 Min. distance between interior &exterior angle:4.5mm
 Bending distance from start:3mm
 Applied Material:Stainless steel,galvanized sheet,aluminium coil
 Material thickness:0.6-1.0mm
 Processing height:20-110mm
 Material feeding method:Altermate feeding
 Servo Motor:2PCS
 Step motor: 2PCS
Packing Dimension: 1450(L) x 820mm (W) x 1550(H)
Categories: CNC Machine
Operation Video Link:https://youtu.be/6eTfuRa5sII

S8710 CNC Channel letter,steel channel letter making machine


 Power supply:  AC200V
 Power  2.2KW
 Compressed air  0.4—0.8MPa
 Control axis quantity 4 Axises
 Min. Bending radius  R7mm
 Min. distance between interior angle and exterior angle  4.5mm
 Bending distance from start  3mm
 Applied Material Stainless steel,galvanized sheet,super word aluminum profile/strip
 Material thickness  0.6-1.0mm
 Processing height   20-110mm
 Material feeding method  Altermate feeding
 Servo Motor  2PCS
 Step motor  2PCS
 N.W.  400Kg
















    TPS-S8710 Super words Automatic bending machine word is developped based on S8700 precesion automatic bending machine.  It increase the bending mold for the "super words" special profiles processing capabilities, high-end boundless word, the word super, stainless steel Seiko word, punching word, the word of the sides resin of choice for high-end devices.


Leveling mechanism

Pre-Feeding-leveling mechanism with the guide trough used in conjunction with the elimination of the arch material phenomenon retreat when the material to ensure that the process is more smooth


Feed mechanism

Alternating clamp feed mechanism, through linear guides, belt tension adjustment mechanism, the deceleration force amplification mechanism and vigorously from the stepper motor work closely together to achieve high precision feeding, to prevent roll-fed and physical slippage caused by excessive pressure indentation phenomenon.

Bending mold quick-change system
In order to adapt to the "super words" high-quality bending requirements, using bending mold quick-change system, flat material and in the "super words" special aluminum bending mold independent replaced quickly solve the plate material and the "super words" special aluminum precision bending.

Multi Arbor bending system
On the basis of alternating double telescopic system machete bent on adding a team of professional discount "super words" special aluminum Arbor, enabling plate material and aluminum material processing free switch, a substantial increase in the degree of bending forming and bending the material surface indentation obvious.

Software Advantage

Interior angle auto-indentation

Unable to reach agreement with the shape of the cutting effect when word super production process are used as a base aluminum plate engraving machine cutting some of the actual angular position within the actual often replaced by an arc pattern inner corners, resulting in accordance with the graphic contour people can not lead to internal backplane card, you need to manually adjust each pattern in the corners to achieve a perfect match within TPS software comes with sharp indentation, no user manual adjustment, to greatly improve production efficiency and reduce the operational skills .


Free to set a small arc to the side, bending and forming of up to 95%

Small arc bending process due to the profile with ribs so that bending word molding machine not in place manual adjustment is very difficult, TPS software on this issue will be completely resolved, the software is free to set the Rib removal process is done, users no longer need to consider the presence of the reinforcing ribs, during the operation equivalent to the general plane of the material.


Built-in multiple word process database


Different processes need to do their own word file corresponding to the scaling process and material loss, the software comes with a variety of craft words do, the same file can be achieved creating different types of shell characters, avoiding the complex with the calculation, dramatically improves the ease of operation.

Accounting super intelligent word material costs

Graphic processing software automatically calculated based on the volume of the potting resin ratio, sideband material cost, easy accounting processing costs, reduce material waste as low as 3%, reduce dependence on the workers operating experience, fast and accurate.
Sample processing