300-2400MM Acrylic Bending Machine
300-2400MM Acrylic Bending Machine-1

300-2400MM Acrylic Bending Machine

Maximum Bending Width: 310/610/1220/1830/2440mm
Power Supply:220V 
Heating Slot Width:8mm
Heating Thickness:1-6mm
Categories: Manual Tools
Operation Video Link:https://youtu.be/hM4UGTuc8SY

Product Description


 Large acrylic bending machine set kit / Manual Plastic bending machine / portable acrylic PVC plastic bending tool set/Plastic bending heater / Both sides heating and circulating cooling chilling water system acrylic bending machine kit/300mm 600mm,1200mm,1800mm,2400mm acrylic PVC plastic bending machine set kit.

 300,600,1200,1800,2400mm Length Acrylic sheet Bending Machine





 Voltage: 220V 
Bending Length :  300mm    600mm   1200mm  1800mm  2400mm
 Power:500W     800W      1000W   1500W    2100W
 Main Parts:  Mainbody 1Pc, Water pump 1pc, Temperature Controller1pc,silicon tube 2pc.
pump 1pc, Temperature Controller1pc,silicon tube 2pc.




  • Reasonable design, small size, compact structure and beautiful appearance;
  • Heat even and temperature adjustable;
  • With circulating cooling water system on both sides of heating pipe;
  • power supply joint and waterpipe joint are at the same end;
  • The body is made of special aluminum extrusions.


Low consumption, low cost;
Can be assembled to a hot bending machine or used alone;
Save space, light and practical;
Can bend all kinds of plastic sheet. 




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